Pioneer Trail Turkey Stampede Mission

The Frontier Turkey Stampede is coming and these Turkeys are looking for a challenge! Choose your Turkey and train up the fastest trotter on the frontier!

Turkey Stampede Missions:

Part I:  Turkey Track

  • Harvest 10 Cranberries
  • Train a Stampede Turkey 5 times
  • Place the Turkey Track

Reward: 500 XP, 2 Gobbler Grow, Turkey Statue

Part II:  Turkey Training

  • Harvest 25 Sunflowers
  • Train a Stampede Turkey 15 times
  • Upgrade the Turkey Track

Reward: Buff Turkey Unlocked, Spirit Eagle, Antelope

Part III:  Turkey Talents

  • Tend 10 Antelope 
  • Train a Buff Turkey 20 times
  • Upgrade the Turkey Track

Reward: Start Gate Key, Slate Turkey, 5 Chickpeas

Part IV:  Turkey Talents

  • Harvest 40 Chickpeas
  • Race 5 Stampede Turkeys
  • Finish the Turkey Track

Reward: Fancy Turkey, Turkey Cart, 10 Fowl Fitness

Wrapper Mission:

Stampede Turkeys

  • Earn 5 Top Turkey Trophies (over 25 MPH)

Reward: 10,000 XP, 10 Horseshoes, Turkey Perch


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