Become a Master Chef in CastleVille!

Famous chef Mia is finally here in CastleVille! With all that hard work putting your Kingdom in order, she'll be sure to want to stay--maybe she'll even teach us some of her famous recipes! Check out the quest guide below to get started.

Chef Mia Missions:
Part I:  Clean Sweep
  • Clear or tend 5 unwanted nature items (found in your Kingdom or under the Nature section of the Market)
  • Sell 10 items
  • Collect from houses 4 times
Part II:  Feel the Love
  • Have 3 Oven Mitts
  • Feed your Chickens 10 times
  • Water your Tree Saplings 10 times
Note: Players who have already completed the Valentine's Mira Arrival quest will skip quest 3 here.

Part III:  Welcome, Mia   
  • Tend 25 Flowers in your Neighbors' Kingdoms
  • Collect 15 Milk Bottles
  • Craft 3 Wood Planks (crafted in the Workshop)
Part IV:  Home Cooking
  • Place the foundation for Mia's House (found under the Buildings section of your Inventory)
  • Build Mia's House
  • Buy and place 5 Flowers (found under the Nature section of the Market)
Cooking Mastery Missions

Part I:  Gimme Sugar
  • Have 1 Kitchen in your Kingdom
  • Craft 5 Sticks of Butter (crafted in the Kitchen)
  • Harvest 15 Sugar Cane
Part II:  Bakin' Bits
  • Craft 1 Oven (crafted in the Workshop)
  • Gather 25 Wood
  • Tend Neighbors' Kitchens 10 times (speed up or collect from Kitchens to complete objective)
Part III:  What a Tart!
  • Have 15 Eggs
  • Reach Mastery Level 1 for Saucy Tarts
  • Collect 10 Pails of Water (found by fishing in Ponds)
Part IV:  Flour Power
  • Have a Mill in your Kingdom (purchase under the Buildings tab in the Market)
  • Harvest 20 Wheat
  • Craft 5 Flour Sacks (Crafted in the Kitchen)
Part V:  Batter Up
  • Feed 15 Cows
  • Reach Mastery Level 1 on the Batter recipe
  • Change your Clothes
Part VI:  Hello, Cupcake
  • Reach Mastery Level 1 of Cupcakes (crafted in the Kitchen)
  • Have 20 Orge's Belch (found by clearing Grass)
  • Have 3 Hyper Crafts (crafted in the Workshop and purchased in the Consumables section of the Market)
Part VII:  Hampered Chef
  • Craft 3 Fishing Bait (crafted in the Workshop)
  • Collect 10 Berries (found by clearing Grass and tending Wild Plants)
  • Visit 5 Neighbors
Part VIII:  Pantry Raid
  • Harvest 30 Crops in your Kingdom
  • Feed Animals 30 times in your Kingdom
  • Craft 10 items in the Kitchen
Part IX:  Mia Culpa
  • Tend a Neighbor's Bakery
  • Craft 5 Rope (crafted in the Workshop)
  • Have 6 Bubbly Grog (crafted in the Kitchen)
Part X:  Taste Test
  • Reach Mastery Level 2 on any cooking recipe in the Kitchen
  • Collect 8 Rolling Pins
  • Earn 50 Reputation
FAQ (via Zynga forums):

Q: When do I get mastery for my Kitchen?
A: First you'll need to convince Mia that you will make a good student. You should be able to do this and get mastery once you reach the What a Tart! quest in the Get Cooking questline.

Q: I earned Mia's Valentine's Day costume, how do I change her outfit?
A: You can change Mia's outfit by holding the mouse over her and clicking the Swap Outfit button.

Q: I love mastery recipes for the Kitchen! Are there plans for mastery recipes in the other Crafting Buildings?
A: Having more subjects means having more famous people, like Mia. There's likely someone out there who can help with crafting mastery for the other Crafting Buildings in the future!


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