Empires & Allies Shake Your Booty

Soldiers, keep a wary eye—it's time for Shake Yer Booty! The dreaded pirate, Captain Miguel Malismo, has arrived at our shores, and it's up to you to figure out how to deal with him. What are you going to do? He's offering Empire Points if we're willing to work with him...or we can do battle with his forces and claim his pirate ship for your own!

Enemy Spotted Mission
- Collect 10 High Power Spotlights to search for the pirates
- Gather 10 Binoculars to see what the pirates are doing
- Build 4 Watch Towers to keep an eye on the pirates

Bugging the Buccaneers Mission
- Collect 5 Flare Guns to warn your allies about the pirates
- Activate your Defense Tower 1
- Visit allies to collect 10,000 Coins to prepare for the battle

Ransom for the Ruffians Mission
- Collect 10 Black Pearls to pay the ransom
- Collect 75 Prize Tokens to pay the ransom
- Collect 200 {rare} from your ore mines to pay the ransom

Party for the Pirates Mission
- Get 10 Bottles of Wine from allies
- Find 10 Little Black Cocktail Dresses for Scarlett and her girlfriends
- Build 6 decorations for the pirates’ party venue

Shanghai Surprise Mission
- Build 2 Poison Gas I power-ups
- Invade 1 neighbor. Show them what you’ve got!
- Collect 20 {rare2} by tending your neighbors

Booty Call Mission
- Find the 15 missing pieces of the treasure map
- Collect 15 Anchors for your ship
- Recruit 5 new allies to join your clan

Beware the Jolly Roger Mission
- Build 3 Air Strike I power-ups
- Build 10 Gunboats to attack the pirate ship from below
- Build 10 Aircraft Carriers to attack the pirate ship from above

Defensive Maneuvers Mission
- Collect 15 Sand Bags to build a machine gun nest
- Build 4 Control Tower 2s to direct air traffic watching the pirates
- Add 5 new allies to strengthen your military presence

Hungry for Victory Mission
- Harvest 10 Sweet Potatoes for army C Rations
- Speed up 12 of your allies’ crops for navy Meals Ready to Eat
- Harvest 10 of your allies’ crops for your military food stores

Heavy Metal Mission
- Collect 5 Element Z
- Build 2 Experimental Naval units for battle
- Defend your island and take out the pirates

Buccaneer Beatdown Mission

- Collect 10 Energy Drinks
- Activate your Defense Tower 1
- Sink the Scaly Wench pirate ship to the bottom of the sea

Goodluck on these 11 quests!


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