Troubleshooting Pioneer Trail Loading Issues

For the past two days, Pioneer Trail players are complaining difficulty loading the game.  Either Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome gets the same unsuccessful load.  You may try these troubleshooting steps from Zynga forums:
  1. Disable secure browsing in facebook settings if it is enabled
  2. (account settings > security > secure browsing)
  3. Switch browsers.  Also make sure the browser is upgraded to the latest version
  4. Update flash player
  5. Delete all browser cache and cookies
  6. Delete flash cache ( click HERE ) click the "delete all sites" button.
  7. Uninstall and reinstall the game in Facebook (don't worry, your progress will be saved)
  8. Check to see if your OS is up to date
  9. Restart computer  

Pioneer Trail Turkey Stampede Mission

The Frontier Turkey Stampede is coming and these Turkeys are looking for a challenge! Choose your Turkey and train up the fastest trotter on the frontier!

Turkey Stampede Missions:

Part I:  Turkey Track

  • Harvest 10 Cranberries
  • Train a Stampede Turkey 5 times
  • Place the Turkey Track

Reward: 500 XP, 2 Gobbler Grow, Turkey Statue

Part II:  Turkey Training

  • Harvest 25 Sunflowers
  • Train a Stampede Turkey 15 times
  • Upgrade the Turkey Track

Reward: Buff Turkey Unlocked, Spirit Eagle, Antelope

Part III:  Turkey Talents

  • Tend 10 Antelope 
  • Train a Buff Turkey 20 times
  • Upgrade the Turkey Track

Reward: Start Gate Key, Slate Turkey, 5 Chickpeas

Part IV:  Turkey Talents

  • Harvest 40 Chickpeas
  • Race 5 Stampede Turkeys
  • Finish the Turkey Track

Reward: Fancy Turkey, Turkey Cart, 10 Fowl Fitness

Wrapper Mission:

Stampede Turkeys

  • Earn 5 Top Turkey Trophies (over 25 MPH)

Reward: 10,000 XP, 10 Horseshoes, Turkey Perch

Pioneer Trail Saving Thanksgiving

You invited folks to a big Thanksgiving feast but nobody showed up. They might be in trouble. Help them out and get amazing rewards like the Cornucopia that gives out daily premium crops!

Saving Thanksgiving Missions:

Part I:  Thin-Skinned Boots

  • Clear 20 Thorns
  • Collect 10 Flimsy Moccasins
  • Sell 15 Adult Cows

Reward: 200 XP, 3 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part II:  Canine Cuisine

  • Harvest 20 Maize (free gifts)
  • Gather 30 Bacon Bits (tend adult pigs)
  • Collect 15 Puppy Blankets

Reward: 200 XP, 4 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part III:  Laggin' Wagon

  • Gather 20 Fine Bridles (tend non rideable horses)
  • Gather 30 Hide Canopies (tend Adult Ox)
  • Craft 5 Pine Cartwheels

Reward: 300 XP, 5 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part IV:  In Crust We Trust

  • Gather 5 Bowls of Cornflour (harvest Maize)
  • Collect 25 Cinnamon Shakers (from friends)
  • Gather 80 Butter Bowls (Tend adult cows)

Reward: 400 XP, 6 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part V:  Cold Case, Cold Casserole

  • Collect 5 Interrogation Notes (from friends)
  • Gather 25 Pieces of Vital Evidence (Harvest chickens)
  • Craft 15 Green Bean Casseroles

Reward: 500 XP, 7 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part VI:  Rapid Delivery

  • Gather 30 Floating Reeds (Clear Grass debris)
  • Gather 20 Raft Ties (Harvest Flax)
  • Collect 25 Cans of Tar Sealant (from friends)

Reward: 600 XP, 7 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part VII:  Up in Smoke

  • Collect 15 Fragrant Firewood (harvest Cherry Trees)
  • Collect 6 Starter Flint (clear rocks)
  • Craft 4 Barbecue pits

Reward: 700 XP, 8 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part VIII:  Slip N Slide

  • Tend 35 Oxen
  • Collect Daily Bonus from the Barn 3 times
  • Collect 25 Clearing Shovels

Reward: 800 XP, 5 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part IX:  Finicky Fare

  • Harvest 40 Corn
  • Harvest 20 Pecan Trees
  • Craft 26 Wacky Donuts

Reward: 900 XP, 15 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Part X:  Dishing it Out

  • Gather 35 Wool Packing (tend Adult Sheep)
  • Clear 30 Debris
  • Craft 2 Wagon Shocks

Reward: 1000 XP, 10 Potluck Plates, Random Reward

Wrapper Mission:

Part I:  Set the Table

  • Collect 20 Potluck Plates
  • Complete Canine Cuisine 2 times
  • Complete In Crust we Trust 2 times

Reward: 5000 XP, 20 Potluck Plates, Crazier Cake

Part II:  Time to Eat

  • Collect 80 Potluck Plates
  • Complete Cold Case Cold Casserole 3 times
  • Complete Up in Smoke 3 times

Reward: Frontier Fritter, 30 Potluck Plates, Ultimate Chili

Part III:  Who Wants Seconds

  • Collect 225 Potluck Plates
  • Complete Finicky Fare 4 times
  • Complete Dishing it Out 4 times

Reward: 10 Horseshoes, Beef Jerky, Crazy Cornucopia

What's New with iOS 6.0.1

Apple has released an update to iOS 6 which fixes a number of minor bugs relating to issues on the iPhone 5.

Here are the improvements and bug fixes done:

    • Fixes a bug that prevents iPhone 5 from installing software updates wirelessly over the air
    • Fixes a bug where horizontal lines may be displayed across the keyboard
    • Fixes an issue that could cause camera flash to not go off
    • Improves reliability of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) when connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks
    • Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the cellular network in some instances
    • Consolidated the Use Cellular Data switch for iTunes Match
    • Fixes a Passcode Lock bug which sometimes allowed access to Passbook pass details from lock screen
    • Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings

The new update can be downloaded either wirelessly or through iTunes.

Pioneer Trail Quiltmaking Mission

Fanny wants to make her twins warm and cozy, but she's not the type to be satisfied with a simple blanket. Work with Fanny and make your own vibrant quilts that give rewards based on the patches you use!

Quiltmaking Mission:

Part I:  Don't Quilt Before You Start
  • Place the Quiltin' Workshop on your Homestead
  • Place a Patch on a Quilt
  • Craft Two Faded Quilting Patches
Reward: 3 Solid Blue Quilting Patches, 2 Fully Grown Pole Pine Trees, Solid Patches Unlocked

Part II:  A Cuddly Quilt
  • Complete a Quilt
  • Craft 12 More Solid Quilting Patches
  • Upgrade the Quilting Workshop
Reward: 2 Flannel Pattern Quilting Patches, Sleeping Sheep, Design Patches Unlocked

Part III:  A Comfy Quilt
  • Complete Two More Quilts
  • Craft 16 More Design Quilting Patches
  • Upgrade the Quilting Workshop
Reward: 1 Pig Quilting Patch, Sleeping Cow, Special Patches Unlocked

Part IV:  A Survival Quilt
  • Harvest 10 Silk Crops
  • Craft 22 More Special Quilting Patches
  • Upgrade and Complete the Quiltin' Workshop
Reward: 1 Nature Quilting Patch, Quilting Mystery Box, Rare Patch Unlocked

Wrapper Mission:

Wrap What You've Sewn
  • Use 30 Special Quiltin' Patches in your Quilts
  • Use Five Mystery (Rare) Patches in your Quilts
  • Have 12 Quilts in Storage
Reward: 20000 XP, 10 Horseshoes, 2 Quilting Mystery Crates

CastleVille Fairy World Mission

Faugrimm has stolen all of the Color from the Fairy Realm. Travel through the portal with Sylphie & Yvette to visit Gelsey and help restore color to the Realm!

Part I:  One Small Step
  • Travel to the Fairy Realm
  • Tend 3 Flowers in the Fairy Realm
Part II:  A Colorfule Output
  • Have 3 Rose-Colored Glasses
  • Craft 2 Colorize Spells
  • Cast 2 Colorize Spells
Part III:  Against The Gray-N
  • Click the Purple Color Well
  • Tend 7 Red or Blue Items in Fairy Realm
  • Restore Color to 3 Areas
Part IV:  A Well Defined Plan
  • Collect 3 Prism Fragments (found by tending colored bushes in the Fairy Realm.)
  • Repair the Purple Color Well
  • Feed 8 Chickens in your Kingdom
Part V:  Banishus Maximus
  • Cast 2 Banishus Maximus spells
  • Have 4 Butterfly Cakes
  • Craft 3 Bubbly Grog
Part VI:  Energize!
  • Cast 1 Portal Energy Spell
  • Cast Colorize 4 Times in the Realm
  • Craft 2 Dye Kits
Part VII:  The Orange Well
  • Craft 2 Cupcakes
  • Repair the Orange Well
  • Collect 6 Prism Fragments
Part VIII:  Saturation
  • Cast Banishus Maximus 3 Times
  • Cast Colorize 6 Times
  • Harvest 6 Tomatoes
Part IX:  Green Well
  • Collect 3 Magic Toadstools in the Fairy Realm
  • Finish Repairing the Green Color Well
  • Craft 2 Ice Cream
Part X:  Be Gone, Goul Beasties
  • Cast Banishus Maximus 3 times
  • Tend 10 Objects inthe Fiary Realm
  • Craft 2 Berry Scones
Part XI:  A Whole New World
  • Craft 3 Well Activation Spells
  • Cast the Well Activation Spell on each of the 3 Color Wells

FarmVille 2 Prized Animal Guide

Check out this guide on Prized Animal to know how much EXP and Coins you get while tending them.

White Sheep10 EXP0 Coins
White Chicken10 EXP6 Coins
Rhode Island Red Chicken10 EXP23 Coins
Saanen Goat36 EXP50 Coins
Mustang Horse42 EXP50 Coins
Merino Sheep59 EXP50 Coins
Longhorn Cow60 EXP50 Coins
Black Arabian Horse66 EXP50 Coins
Nubian Goat72 EXP50 Coins
Red Goat75 EXP50 Coins
Cottontail Rabbit75 EXP50 Coins
White Rabbit75 EXP50 Coins
Angora Rabbit75 EXP50 Coins
Hubbard Chicken (Farm Cash Item)75 EXP50 Coins
Katahdin Sheep83 EXP50 Coins
Ameraucana Chicken (Farm Cash Item)75 EXP50 Coins
Jersey Cow105 EXP50 Coins
Ibex (Farm Cash Item)110 EXP50 Coins
Dexter Cow (Limited Farm Cash Item)120 EXP50 Coins
Angora Goat (Limited Farm Cash Item)120 EXP50 Coins
Swiss Cow150 EXP50 Coins

Unknown Regular Animals
Andalusian Horse: ???EXP ???Coins
La Mancha Goat: ???EXP ???Coins
Boer Goat: ???EXP ???Coins
Devon Cow: ???EXP ???Coins
Black Leghorn Chicken: ???EXP ???Coins
Appaloosa Horse: ???EXP ???Coins
Camarillo Horse: ???EXP ???Coins
Gold-Laced Cochin Chicken: ???EXP ???Coins
Jackrabbit ???EXP ???Coins
Lincoln Sheep ???EXP ???Coins

Unknown Farm Cash Animals
Pygmy Goat: ???EXP ???Coins
Flemish Giant Rabbit: ???EXP ???Coins
Sealpoint Dwarf Rabbit: ???EXP ???Coins
Cheviot Sheep: ???EXP ???Coins
Portland Sheep: ???EXP ???Coins
Gypsy Horse: ???EXP ???Coins
Holstein Cow: ???EXP ???Coins
Ayrshire Cow: ???EXP ???Coins

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Pioneer Trail Burning Up Mission

Flash Fires have spread from the railroad to your homestead! A bucket brigade can only do so much. Build a Fire Wagon to keep the frontier from burning to a crisp!

Part I:  Flarin' Up
  • Place the Fire Wagon
  • Tend 25 Adult Pigs
  • Locate and extinguish a Flash Fire
Reward: 150 XP, Sumac Tree, Lunch

Part II:  Too Close to Home
  • Locate & Extinguish 3 Flash Fires (frequently from Brass & Steel forges, rarely from debris)
  • Tend 10 Ripe Sumac Trees
  • Finish Phase 1 of the Fire Wagon
Reward: 250 XP, Critter Salve, Sergeant Stubby

Part III:  Flashin Fires
  • Tend 1 Sergeant Stubby 10 times
  • Heal 4 Burnt Bunnies
  • Finish Phase 2 of the Fire Wagon
Reward: 500 XP, 5 Corn Ready Boosts, Firehouse Kitten

Part IV:  What a Blast

  • Locate & Extinguish 6 more flash fires
  • Tend Firehouse Kitten 10 times
  • Finish Phase 3 of the Fire Wagon
Reward: 750 XP, Dousing Barrel, Fireman Calendar
Part V:  Feel the Burn

  • Harvest 40 Aloe Vera
  • Put out 8 Flash Fires with the Fire Wagon (must complete Fire Wagon to do this)
  • Harvest 80 Corn
Reward: Reduced Flash Fires, 2 Fire Mystery Crates, Crazier Cake

Pioneer Trail Countdown to Halloween

There's so much to do for the Halloween Party this year and the ghosts are causing all kinds of problems. Earn scary rewards like the Spooky Cabinet, Ghostly Cow and the new Ghostly Candy Apple boost!

Part I:  Terrifying Treats
  • Have a Cabin on your homestead
  • Harvest 10 Pear Trees
  • Collect 10 Broccoli Florets from friends
Reward: 10 Goodie Bags, 2 Cream Cows, 3 Candy Corn Crops

Part II:  Phantom Panic
  • Gather 20 Garlic Necklaces (harvest Garlic crops)
  • Scare off 4 Ghost Varmins (tend Ghost trees or harvest Candy Corn crops)
  • Craft 5 Ghost Repellent Candles
Reward: 60 Goodie Bags, Black Cat, Spooky Tree

Part III:  A Maize Maze
  • Gather 15 Round Hay Bales (Tend Adult Cows)
  • Release 2 Ghost Horses from their chains
  • Craft 4 Sugar Spiders
Reward: 70 Goodie Bags, Vampire Potion, Ghost Tree

Part IV:  Decoratin' with Ted
  • Gather 20 Mini Pumpkins (harvest Squash crops)
  • Gather 25 Bags of Candy Corn (harvest Candy Corn crops on free gifts page)
  • Craft 4 Ten Gallon Hats
Reward: 93 Goodie Bags, White Cat, Werewolf Potion

Part V:  Candied Apple Chaos

  • Harvest 25 Ghost Trees
  • Scare off 6 Ghost Varmints
  • Craft 5 Ghost Repellent Candles
Reward: 60 Goodie Bags, Spooky Crate, Smokey Cauldron

Part VI:  Spider Snacks
  • Gather 10 cartons of eggs (Feed Adult Chickens)
  • Collect 20 Cupcake Mixes from friends
  • Craft 5 Sugar Spiders
Reward: 90 Goodie Bags, Siamese Cat, Halloween Crate

Part VII:  Sheriff Bess
  • Tend 15 Non-rideable (brown) horses
  • Gather 15 Sheriff Badges (harvest Steel Forges)
  • Craft 6 Ten Gallon Hats
Reward: 117 Goodie Bags, Pet Bat, Spooky Cabinet

Part VIII:  Cowgirl Mae
  • Gather 15 Costume Spurs (tend Adult Rideable horses)
  • Release 2 Ghost Horses from their chains
  • Craft 5 Cowgirl Outfits
Reward: 120 Goodie Bags, Hybrid Potion, Ghostly Candy Apple

2 Wrapper Missions:

Finishin' in a Jiffy
  • Complete the mission Phantom Panic 3 times
  • Complete the mission Decoratin' with Ted 3 times
  • Earn 600 Goodie Bags
Reward: 100 Goodie Bags, Ballerina Cow, Wicked Spooky Broom

Dastardly Disaster
  • Complete the mission Spider Snacks 3 times
  • Complete the mission Sheriff Bess 4 times
  • Earn 1800 Goodie Bags
Reward: 200 Goodie Bags, Wicked Cute Broom, Dragon Goose

Pioneer Trail Dog Show

The Dog Show is travelin' West and dropping by your homestead! Pick your breed of pup and raise it into a champion. You'll win a bunch of great rewards along the way!

Part I:  Signing Up
  • Place the Show Course
  • Buy & place a Show Dog
  • Feed the Show Dog 3 times
Reward: 250 XP, 5 Puppy Nutrients, Entry Form

Part II:  Training up the Pups
  • Feed Show dogs 15 times
  • Harvest 40 Dog Violet (free gift page)
  • Finish phase 1 of the Show Course
Reward: Husky Unlocked, Kit Fox, Best Friend Book

Part III:  Show Doggy Wannabes
  • Tend Kit Foxes 15 times
  • Feed Husky Show Dog 20 times
  • Finish phase 2 of the Show Course
Reward: 1 Maltese, 5 Dog Violets, Chewy Ball

Part IV:  Final Groomin!
  • Harvest 50 Blue Corn
  • Tend Show 5 times after they've been presented
  • Finish the Show Course
Reward: 1 Maltese, 5 Dog Violets, Chewy Ball

Wrapper Mission:
  • Divine Show Dogs
  • Raise 3 Champion Trophy Show Dogs
Reward: 10,000 XP, Champion's Manor (decoration), 10 Horseshoes

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